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Procedure for Applying for a Chapter in NBS-AERho


National Broadcasting Society - Alpha Epsilon Rho


Establishing a chapter of NBS involves certain underlying considerations that should be understood before a charter is granted. These considerations are not intended to discourage applications for charters, but are made in order to avoid future problems and misunderstandings. There are, as indicated below, certain requirements for membership, which means that applying institutions must offer opportunities in audio/video production and/or radio/television broadcast station or cable programming or other electronic media activities. Applicants should ensure that student interest is great enough to guarantee a chapter membership sufficient to meet the obligations of the Society. Enrollments sometimes drop and consequently, the number of eligible members decreases and a chapter is left with one or two active members, hardly enough to operate effectively. Finally, there are certain financial requirements that must be met, both on the part of the individual members and the chapter itself. These are described below.


    1. Acquire the information requested on the official application form. The following guidelines should be helpful in completing the form:
      1. Question 1: Indicate the name of the school and specific permanent mailing address for the proposed chapter. (This address may be the chapter advisor, a department location, or a permanent campus mailbox. It should not be the address of a student which might change from year-to-year.)

        Question 2: The group should identify the officers in the prospective chapter. The roles of the officers must be specified in a local constitution. (A sample local constitution is available to prospective chapters at the NBS Website.) A minimum of six student members and a chapter advisor are required to start a chapter.

        Question 3: The advisor is one of the most important people in an NBS chapter. It is important for the Society to know the name of the Advisor as well as his/her phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

        Question 4: The purpose of the proposed chapter must match that of the National Broadcasting Society; in general, for development of college and university students involved in electronic media. (See National Constitution, Article Two.)

        Questions 5-6: In order to obtain an NBS charter, the school at which the proposed chapter is located must be actively engaged in radio, television, and/or cable production or other electronic media activities. (See National By-Laws, Chapter Three, Section 1)

        Question 7: Please identify those individuals who wish to be charter members of the prospective chapter by submitting membership applications and dues.

        Question 8: The local constitution may be patterned after the National Constitution of NBS, but it should include all local requirements. The local constitution may be a single document or divided into Constitution and By-Laws as are the national documents. A sample local constitution is available from the NBS Website.

        Statement 9: Please provide the signatures of the required individuals, attesting to the two statements concerning chapter charter.

      2. Send the application form, together with fees and other attachments indicated to the National Office of NBS, as indicated below.

    2. After the above materials are processed, the necessary investigations are made, and it is determined that all requirements are met, the application is voted upon by the Society's Executive Council. The prospective chapter will be notified shortly after the vote is completed.


      1. A $100.00 charter fee, due no later than one year after the application for a charter. (This fee is refundable if the application is rejected.)

      1. Dues for each new member for at least one year. (This fee will be returned if the application is rejected.)

    1. Chapters may establish local dues as needed.


      1. In addition, each chapter is required to be represented at the annual National Convention and annual Regional Convention. This may be done by Proxy.

  1. All correspondence and materials regarding applications for charters should be addressed to:

NBS Business Office
Box 4206
Chesterfield, MO 63006

For questions, contact the Executive Director at 636-536-1943 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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