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Sawyer Blur

SawyerBlurSawyer Blur started life in advertising a long time ago (1999) in a galaxy far, far away (Minneapolis) in the Emerald City that was Fallon at its zenith. He worked a lot on Lee Jeans, a little on other accounts—Purina, Holiday Inn Express—and then commenced his advertising sojourn. At Minneapolis-based Colle+McVoy and then Haworth he worked on clients ranging from the obscure (Erbert & Gerbert’s) to the less so (Caribou Coffee) to the dead opposite (Target). Now in Washington DC, Sawyer works at CHIEF on government, advocacy, and consumer clients from CFPB to Better Medicare Alliance to MECU.

Over the last nearly two decades Sawyer’s media experience mirrored that of the industry as a whole: it started out with a bit of digital on the side of “traditional” media then slowly migrated toward digital before lurching dramatically into it. Nowadays he works with any form of media that reaches the prospective audiences he’s planning for, which tends to be a lot of digital although he always hastens to add that people are still seeing billboards, reading magazines, listening to the radio, and—yes—even {gasp} watching TV.

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