ContactUs 2017

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Join NBS-AERho Board of Governor's member, and webmaster, Dr. Jeff Smith, as he explains how your chapter's voting delegate can register for the convention at a significant discount!

NBS-AERho Facebook Live III - The New Delegate Convention Discount from NBS AERho on Vimeo.

Join NBS-AERho Governor Sherri Shafer, along with her chapter president Jeff, as they give you all the information you need about Alpha Epsilon Rho, the Honor Society for Electronic Media students (the only one in the country) and a member of the Association of College Honor Societies! Plus, a little more NBS-AERho 2017 convention info as well!

NBS-AERho Facebook Live II - Alpha Epsilon Rho! from NBS AERho on Vimeo.

The NBS-AERho National Convention in New York is coming up! But which airport should you fly into, and how do you get from the airport to the hotel? NBS-AERho Student Governor Ben Schoenkin has the information to get you in and around the greater New York City area, to the hotel and back, and more!

NBS-AERho Facebook Live I - Convention Travel from NBS AERho on Vimeo.

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