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NBS-AERho Logo Guidelines


Successful branding of an organization centers on presenting a consistent image to the target audience, as well as the public at large. In keeping with its inclusive marketing strategy to all college students and professionals associated with the electronic media industry, The National Broadcasting Society – Alpha Epsilon Rho adopted a new logo (replacing the former) in May, 2015. At the same time, a new slogan was adopted and incorporated into the logo.

Q: What is the official name of our organization?
A: The official name of the organization is: National Broadcasting Society – Alpha Epsilon Rho. The official short abbreviation of the organization is "NBS-AERho." "NBS" and "AERho" can also be abbreviated separately.

Q: What is AERho?
A: Alpha Epsilon Rho, abbreviated "AERho," is the only national honor society for collegiate electronic media students. AERho is associated with the NBS organization.

Q: How should we orally identify the organization?
A: Oral identification shall be "N-B-S-A-E-Rho," "N-B-S," and "A-E-Rho" (ay-ee-roh).

Q: What is our official slogan?
A: The official slogan of NBS-AERho, as of Fall 2015, is "The National Electronic Media Association." This is NOT another name, but, rather, an expression of the meaning of who we are. It serves the same role as the slogan for a commercial product (like State Farm's "And like a good neighbor, State Farm is there."). The slogan will generally be used with various approved forms of our logo.

Q: How should we identify the organization to our schools and chapter members?
A: The organization should, as of Fall 2015, be publicly identified as "N-B-S-A-E-Rho, The National Electronic Media Association."

Q: What are the approved versions of our logo?
A: In total, there are six approved versions of the new logo. All are available for download in a variety of formats in the NBS Logo Library. To access the Logo Library go to nbs-aerho.org and click on the "About NBS" drop-down menu.

Q: What are the requirements for reproducing our logo?
A: No colors other than the official dark red (pms 194, hex #992135, rgb 153,33,53) or black and white, and no fonts other than Haettenscheiller or Arial should be used. The Haettenscheiller font may be downloaded for Windows or Mac from the NBS Logo Library. Size may be altered only if the proportions are maintained. Local chapters must add chapter identification when they wish to reproduce the NBS-AERho logo. The chapter identification must be placed beneath, or to the right of, the NBS-AERho logo (or NBS-AERho logo and slogan) in that version. The slogan should never be used without the logo.

Q: How may our logo be used by chapters?
A: An organization’s image is reflected in how the approved logo is used. The logo should never be used or appear in association with profanity, hate speech, or in a manner unworthy of the good name of the organization. To protect the integrity of the NBS image, these specific guidelines must be followed when using the NBS–AERho logo and slogan.

The logo and slogan are protected, and their use by local chapters will be limited to the following: stationery, posters/flyers announcing meetings or chapter events, chapter web sites and print or electronic literature, and chapter spirit items (tee-shirts, coffee mugs, jackets, etc.). Any other use of the logo or slogan must be approved in writing by the Executive Director. Misuse or unapproved use of the logo is a violation of trademark law and may incur personal and organizational penalties.

Whenever the logo is associated with a fund-raising event for an organization other than an NBS-AERho chapter, the fund-raising chapter must report the amount raised to the Executive Director so a record can be made for IRS purposes. The logo should not be associated with, nor should the chapter be raising funds in the name of, a for-profit organization.

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