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Convention - Latest News

March 18, 2017 - 9:00 a.m.

This is a very brief convention update. Last night, I told you we would have more on the convention tours tonight and start registration at 2 PM Eastern time on Saturday. The good news is we have at least three more options confirmed. The bad news is we need some additional details to be able to set up registration for those events. I should have what we need by noon Eastern time, To be on the safe side, we will open registration at 6:00 PM Eastern time Saturday.

Two "heads-up" messages for Wednesday activities.

We have up to 50 tickets to see the "View" Wednesday morning. However, we will have to close the registration on Monday afternoon in order to secure the tickets. You will have to depart the hotel about 7 am and take the light rail and subway. Transportation cost will be about $15 round-trip. The show will be live. There will be some interaction with the staff before and after the show. You should be out of the studio by 12:30. You can spend the rest of the afternoon in the city. The opening convention session begins at 7:00 PM in the hotel.

We have 24 openings to tour Total Traffic and Weather facilities in Secaucus on Wednesday afternoon. This facility services multiple stations in the NYC area. If we have enough convention attendees with cars, you could carpool without public transportation cost. You would depart the hotel about 1:00 pm. We would have to close registration on Tuesday morning.

Nearly all of our activities will require you to bring a picture ID like a driver's license.

More on Saturday afternoon.


March 15, 2017 - 6:00 p.m.

We've had a number of challenges (technical and weather) the last two weeks as we try to get confirmations of speakers, panelists, tours, and hotel logistics.  This is going to be one of several mass e-mails to convention attendees over the next couple of days to try to keep you informed with our somewhat evolving schedules and opportunities.  We will also attempt to answer some frequently asked questions.

Has the schedule changed?

Look at the website http://nbs-aerho.org/index.php/convention/tentative-2017-convention-schedule.   We've had a few sessions replace sessions that fell through.  If you didn't get the e-mail earlier in the week, the Saturday night awards show was moved up to 5:30 PM so people can go to dinner afterward.

Is there any food provided as part of the convention fee?

We will have snacks at the Wednesday night mixer, a boxed lunch on Thursday as part of a session, there will be a breakfast for advisors on Saturday at 7:45 AM, and punch before the Saturday afternoon awards show.  There is a restaurant and Starbucks in the hotel.  We have posted a list of restaurants that deliver to the hotel.  There are no restaurants in walking distance of the hotel.

How should we pack/dress for the convention?

  • Dress professionally for the opening Wednesday 7:00 PM session
  • Comfortably for the 9:00 PM Wednesday mixer
  • Professionally for sessions on Thursday
  • Your choice for free time Thursday evening
  • Professional/casual for tours (Wednesday and Friday except for special event tours on Friday)
  • Professionally on Saturday for sessions and the award show

If you don't understand the different types of dress, watch the Facebook Live video Friday at 2:30 PM Eastern time or check the website after it's posted http://nbs-aerho.org/index.php/convention/2017-facebook-live.

  • It is important to wear COMFORTABLE shoes when you are walking in the City.

Are we still having tours?

You will enjoy them but the logistics are a nightmare for us to plan. 

We will start online signups at 2:00 PM Eastern time Saturday March 18.  Some options are limited and may close Saturday.  It will be first come first served.  Some will have transportation costs (train, subway ranging from $9-$18 round trip) specific details coming soon.  Options include show taping at the "View" or tour of Total Traffic and Weather on Wednesday morning and afternoon.  Friday events include attending the "Today Show" or "Good Morning America" and facility tours at WINS All-News Radio and other locations waiting for Friday confirmation.  A group of up to 20 will take a train to Stamford, CT to tour what's been called the best editing facility in the world, the NBC Sports complex (the control facility for the Olympics) then meet with sports marketing executives.  This event does cost $48 for the train from Newark to Stamford but will be worth it. 

When do we have "free time?"

  • Before the 7 PM session on Wednesday
  • After the Thursday sessions end (about 3:30)
  • After the Friday events
  • After the Saturday award show (about 7:30) 
  • There are no formal events scheduled for Sunday
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