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NBS-AERho Debuts New Tagline
At the 2015 annual convention in Atlanta, there was a proposal to change the name of NBS-AERho to NEMA (National Electronic Media Association). Some members felt that the word "broadcasting" is (ironically) not broad enough. While electronic media has progressed beyond the original concept of broadcasting, our name limits us to a time in the past when "broadcasting" covered everything that wasn't print. There was also a concern that the term "society" is outdated and implies an exclusivity that is not in keeping with the organization's stated mission of "inclusiveness." By a very close vote, however, the proposal to change our name failed to pass, and we remain National Broadcasting Society-Alpha Epsilon Rho.

In recognition of the substantial group of chapters in favor of a new name, the BoG has decided to include the updated references from the proposal in a new tagline to accompany our logo. The previous tagline "The future of electronic media… since 1943" ­ has long outlived its usefulness and a replacement was due. Keep in mind that a tagline is used for branding and marketing purposes, and is not part of an organization's official name. It serves to clarify the purpose of the organization beyond the identification of the logo. When space permits, therefore, the new tagline "The National Electronic Media Association" will be used with the NBS-AERho logo.

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